Ouispeak Shopping Experience

A well thought out 360-degree ecosystem for the travelers.

To respond even better to the needs and attitude changes of more connected foreign tourists looking for useful and exciting experience, Ouipeak offers now a multi-channel, digital and entertaining
experience with interactive technlologies. Discover more here

1. At the shop window

On the multilingual sticker : « You are welcome here in Chinese, Japanese, English and French languages »

2. At the entrance

The official logos of the travelers most favorite payment solutions.

3. Ouispeak's tablet

The interactive solution links the seller and the tourist with the online interpreter by vocal and video interactions.

4. Brand content

Your brand and offers of the moment both appear in 4 languages on the tablet.

5. At checkout

Mobile payment solutions : Alipay, Wechatpay and Unionpay.

6. After purchasing

Faster VAT refund service on the traveler bank account.

7. Cross-border delivery service:

Cross-border delivery service : what doesn’t suit in the suitcase, can be directly sent at the purchaser’s home.

8. Ouispeak App

The traveler gets our special offers and discount for the rest of his/her stay

App Ouispeak

The Ouispeak Application provides you with a complete service for successful stays.

Direct vocal/video call

Be more connected to your interpreter.


Want to go to the restaurant?
Need to call a taxi? Our Ouispeakers can book for you.

Special Offers

Benefit from discounts with our partners.

Follow us

Through an interactive map, find recommended locations from the Ouispeak community.


Send us the picture of a restaurant menu and your interpreter will directly translate it.


You will be finally able to chat with anyone, anywhere and anytime you want.

Secure your trip

Our Ouispeakers will reassure you and will make sure that you will travel safely.

Your special offers

Do you have a favourite hotel, bar or activity ? Share it with the other travelers.


Find your favorite interpreters easily.

And much more !

Download and discover the Ouispeak Application

They support us

They talk about us !


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