How to become a OUispeaker ?

We believe in a world without language or cultural boundaries, which is why we developed our video interpreting platforms to connect and bring people together from all around the world.

Are you ready to join us and be part of the mission?

We are always looking for talented interpreters to join the OUispeakers community and make a difference.

How can I apply?

STEP 1 : Please fill the short form below, our HR Team will get in touch with you shortly to video-test your skills to be a certified* OUispeaker

Remote interpreter - OUispeak certified

STEP 2 : Choose your OUispeak certification (consecutive or simultaneous), they are free and open to anyone with previous interpreting experience or willing to check his/her natural multilingual skills to join our interpreter's community and work remotely.

How does it work?

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Put your headphones on 🎧

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Plug your cables in 💻

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Wear your best smile 🙂

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Be yourself

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Speak to the world 🌎 with your words

If you pass the test , you will be qualified to receive your first OUispeak mission.