Our Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an interpreter?

On our "Become an OUispeaker" page, you must submit your application and complete the form. If your application meets our requirements, our HR team will contact you to set up a video interview to assess your expertise.

Is it for in-person events too?

Yes, OUispeak created an interactive interpretation solution to help businesses and organizations. OUispeak conference is a digital video conferencing tool that is used to host both hybrid and digital events.

Do OUispeak work with real interpreters?

Yes. We work with real interpreters to assist you during the meetings. These folks listen and interact with people and you realize that’s what you need to succeed at real business-to-business negotiations!

How can I have access to the OUispeak platform?

To use one of the OUispeak options, you must make a reservation.

  1. ● Provide meeting details, and we'll set up a time for the meeting and send you a link with all the information you need to access the platform to the email address you provided.
  2. ● As long as we have everything we need, we'll update your and your partners' information, and the members you choose will have access to the platform based on the package and the information you give. Furthermore, each participant receives the email in the language of their choice.

How is it displayed when there are multiple participants?

The amount of people who may participate is solely determined by the Interpretation platform you choose.

In a single online meeting, the OUispeak room, for example, may host up to 15 individuals. Because we provide interpretation services for both hybrid and in-person events, there are no limitations on the number of individuals who can attend the OUispeak conference.

Is it possible to integrate the OUispeak conference with another platform?

With our seamless API integration process, you can effortlessly integrate the OUispeak conference into other video platforms like Youtube or Vimeo.

Do I need to install software?

There is no need to install any additional software. After scheduling an appointment with an interpreter or booking an event, you will receive all of the details, including access to the OUIspeak platform in your language.

Can I choose my own interpreter?

OUispeak platform allows you to choose an interpreter if you have already done a digital or in-person event previously. If not, there is no possibility of getting to know an interpreter before the event.

Can I record my meeting or event?

We can record the whole meeting or event if you request it before the event. The recordings will be provided to you and you can use them for marketing purposes.

What is a simultaneous interpreting service?

In multilingual events, simultaneous interpretation is key because it enables individuals to interact with one another. In onsite, remote, and hybrid contexts, OUispeak provides the tools to make it feasible. When an interpreter transforms a message from one language to another while the speaker is speaking, they do it without interrupting the rhythm of the communication. The translated message is sent to the listener as though they were standing next to one another rather than across the room or even many rooms.

Which language pair do you cover?

We currently provide interpretation services in 70 languages, with interpreters located all over the world.

I manage a big event. Do you provide interpreters for thousands of attendees?

Yes, We can provide one or more interpreters depending on the demand of the languages needed to be interpreted. Regarding the attendees, we can accommodate 5000 attendees at hybrid events by ensuring the audio quality at the highest level.

Is it possible to use my own interpreters with OUispeak?

Yes, you can use your own interpreters to communicate on the OUispeak platform.

What technical equipment is required to listen to an interpreter's translation?

There is no specific equipment required to participate in the multilingual events on the platform, but it is advisable to have a feasible internet connection and a great headset to communicate clearly.

Do I need to install any software or extensions on my PC to use the platform?

No, There is no need to install any software or extensions on your pc to gain access to the OUispeak platforms. The event invite will be sent to the email address given by you in your language and you can directly log in to the platform without any installation.

Is there a demo account available at OUispeak?

Due to the nature of our services, we do not have a demo account that we can give you access to but we can always schedule a demo of our services for you at a time that is most convenient for you. We will work with you to find a time that fits into your schedule to schedule a demo.

Is it possible to make modifications to an event that has already been created?

Yes, it is possible to make changes to an event that has been already booked. The changes have to be logical for both parties to make sure the event will be carried out as planned.

Are there any streaming options?

Yes, we have the possibility to live stream on channels such as Facebook & Youtube