Meet our team

  • Fanny Gueye childhood picture - OUispeak team

    Fanny Gueye

    Business Developer and Project Manager - OUispeak conference

    Fanny is a business development strategist with exceptional interpersonal abilities. You may find her exploring nature or watching a gorgeous sunset. Apart from that, she enjoys cooking and entertaining people who come to taste her food.

  • Diego Pelella Childhood picture - Interpreter service and HR Manager at OUispeak

    Diego Pelella

    Human Resources Manager

    A proud Italian dad who is also a true polyglot, after spending +15 years abroad, Diego is gifted in bringing people of different nationalities together, coordinating projects of all kinds, and managing them with ease! He enjoys meeting new people and sharing his knowledge of languages and music (his Spotify list is full of Italian & Latin songs).

  • Denis Rabaté - Chielf technical officer at OUispeak Solutions

    Denis Rabaté

    Chief Technical Officer

    Denis is a serial entrepreneur and investor with over 20 years of experience starting and growing businesses from the scratch. He specializes in analyzing and optimizing systems to increase workflow and project output efficiency and productivity. Besides that, he cultivates olives in Italy and he will never say no to a good tartare.

  • Fatima Ouhendi childhood picture - Business developer at OUispeak Solutions

    Fatima Ouhendi

    Business Developer - OUispeak room

    Fatima started her professional career in tourism and now works as a business developer for the OUispeak team. Fatima possesses a wide range of business and sales skills, as well as being a natural conversationalist, great negotiator, and a true movie buff.

  • David FAIVRE-MAÇON childhood picture - Lead Developer at OUispeak Solutions


    Lead Developer

    David is our lead developer and the most important part of the work that is done behind the scenes at OUispeak. He has over fifteen years of expertise in web development and is one of the most patient programmers you'll ever meet. He is an excellent listener who truly understands the concept of a project, whether from a technical or customer perspective.

  • Andrea Miglietta childhood picture - Founder & CEO of OUispeak Solutions

    Andrea Miglietta

    Founder and CEO

    Andrea is passionate about ecological sustainability and entrepreneurship. He enjoys making jokes with the team and can be found working in his permaculture vegetable garden when he is not at work.

  • Sharon Prasad J S childhood picture - SEO & Digital Marketing Manager at OUispeak Solutions

    Sharon Prasad J S

    Digital Marketing & SEO Manager

    Sharon is the OUispeak family's newest member and is in charge of marketing. He loves eating saucisson, talking about different topics, and he practices kickboxing, so be careful around him!

  • Kévin Wamba Zoko childhood picture - Front End Developer at OUispeak Solutions

    Kévin Wamba Zoko

    Front End Developer

    Kevin brings our ideas and designs to life through front end development. He is always self-teaching new things, is passionate about the web, and has an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Doris C. Keller childhood picture - Chief Financial Offcier and strategy at OUispeak Solutions

    Doris C. Keller

    CFO and strategy

    Doris has been with the OUispeak family early on, keen to help overcome language barriers and connect people from different cultures – knowing from her extensive travels and work abroad how inspiring cross-cultural exchange can be. With a double hat (engineer & MBA) she has always encouraged unconventional ideas to break new ground – whilst keeping the human being at the heart of all efforts. When she is not working on an entrepreneurial project she can be found designing interiors, meditating or doing yoga.

OUi what?

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."

Nelson Mandela

OUispeak is a team of passionate individuals dedicated to eliminating linguistic barriers helping businesses and organizations through innovative interpretation solutions that are cost-effective, timely and secure.

We believe in the power of communication because as humans, it's what builds our understanding of each other both personally and professionally.

Our cloud-based platform is a collection of digital interpretation tools and communication channels.

Our worldwide network of 800 remote interpreters is always ready to help you in growing and expanding globally by assisting you in interacting with individuals from other cultures and allowing them to overcome language obstacles.

Remote interpreter - OUispeak interpretation Platform - About OUispeak

Where it all started

The idea of OUispeak was born in the summer of 2016 when Andrea Miglietta and his brother Valentin Effantin met a Japanese couple whose luggage had been stolen and had struggled to speak with a police officer in the southeastern city of France, Marseille.

As men of values, they tried everything they could to help them communicate, but it was then that he realized how hard it is to interact with a foreigner, especially when you don't speak the same language.

Turning an idea into reality: End the language barrier

OUispeak project turing inton reality - Andrea Miglietta at the Tremplin Sud Awards

With sheer determination and commitment, Andrea kickstarted the OUispeak project from scratch.

Through interacting with the right people, he creates high-quality interpretation ecosystems that utilize human connection integrating technology to communicate flawlessly with the help of remote interpreters in events, tourist travel and business meetings.

Since then, OUispeak has worked on different projects with some of the finest brands all over the world. We aim to keep our work simple and innovative, with a touch of magic thrown in the mix.

Our core values

We work based on our founding principles

OUispeak logo icon - bullet pointDiversity
OUispeak logo icon - bullet pointDriving human interaction
OUispeak logo icon - bullet pointCustomer success
OUispeak logo icon - bullet pointInnovation

Our mission and vision are simple

The mission of OUispeak is to transform global communication and connect the world through the power of human interaction and innovation.

With more expert interpreters and advanced technology, OUispeak is creating a digital interpretation ecosystem, making products more accessible and affordable.

We want to be a global leader in the world of interpretation, and that is the future we envision.